8 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

As a web developer, you know that Chrome is the browser of choice for most developers. This article provides a list of the 8 best Chrome extensions for web developers. These extensions will help you increase your productivity and make your development process easier. To learn more about Chrome extension development, visit our website.

These extensions will help developers as ways to explore code, style sheets, and snippets without the need to leave their favourite IDE.

Google Chrome is the most popular and arguably best web browser that’s out there. Even though Mozilla Firefox seems to be making a comeback these days, Chrome still rules in overall usage worldwide.

Google Chrome is an open-source web browser that has the most built-in tools for web developers. This guide will show you how to leverage those tools to make your online design process smoother.

And even create new ones!

The chrome architecture engineer’s toolbox, in short, is a treasure trove of necessities for building and troubleshooting features.

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With the help of the best google chrome extensions for web developers, web designers, and also site owners can make their website development task faster and easier. Below are our 10 recommended desktop extensions to use while working on web design in Google Chrome browser.

1.Web Developer

It is a great extension which was created by Chris Pederick. It has a Million active users and 3250 ratings. The Web Developer extension adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. It has a lot of features that are given below:

  1. Disable Images
  2. Display Alt Attributes
  3. Display Image Dimensions
  4. Display Image Paths
  5. Find Broken Images
  6. Hide Background Images
  7. Hide Images
  8. Make Images Full Size
  9. Make Images Invisible
  10. Outline All Images
  11. Outline Background Images
  12. Outline Images With Adjusted Dimensions
  13. Outline Images With Empty Alt Attributes
  14.  Outline Images With Oversized Dimensions
  15. Outline Images Without Alt Attributes
  16. Outline Images Without Dimensions
  17. Reload Images
  18. Replace Images With Alt Attributes
  19. View Image Information 
  20. Check All Checkboxes
  21. Uncheck All Checkboxes
  22. Clear Form Fields
  23. Clear Radio Buttons
  24. Convert Form GETs To POSTs
  25. Convert Form POSTs To GETs
  26. Convert Select Elements To Text Inputs
  27. Convert Text Inputs To Textareas
  28. Display Form Details
  29. Display Passwords
  30. Enable Auto Completion
  31. Enable Form Fields
  32. Expand Select Elements
  33. Make Form Fields Writable
  34. Outline Form Fields Without Labels
  35. Populate Form Fields
  36. Remove Form Validation
  37. Remove Maximum Lengths
  38. View Form Information
  39. Disable All Styles
  40. Disable Browser Default Styles
  41. Disable Embedded Styles
  42. Disable Inline Styles
  43. Disable Linked Style Sheets
  44. Disable Print Styles
  45. Display Handheld Styles
  46. Display Print Styles
  47. Edit CSS
  48. Reload Linked Style Sheets
  49. Use Border Box Model
  50. Clear Cache
  51. Clear History
  52. Display Colour Picker
  53. Display Hidden Elements
  54. Display Line Guides
  55. Display Ruler
  56. Linearize Page
  57. Make Frames Resizable
  58. Mark All Links Unvisited
  59. Mark All Links Visited
  60. View CSS
  61. Disable Cookies
  62. Add Cookie…
  63. Delete Domain Cookies
  64. Delete Path Cookies
  65. Delete Session Cookies
  66. View Cookie Information
  67. Disable JavaScript
  68. Outline Absolute Positioned Elements
  69. Outline Block Level Elements
  70. Outline Deprecated Elements
  71. Outline External Links
  72. Outline Fixed Positioned Elements
  73. Outline Floated Elements
  74. Outline Frames
  75. Outline Headings
  76. Outline Non-Secure Elements
  77. Outline Relative Positioned Elements
  78. Outline Table Captions
  79. Outline Table Cells
  80. Outline Tables
  81. Show Element Tag Names
  82. Disable Notifications
  83. Disable Plugins
  84. Display Window Size
  85. Resize Window…
  86. 1024×768
  87. Edit Resize Dimensions…
  88. View Responsive Layouts
  89. Disable Popups
  90. Reset Disable Features
  91. Validate CSS
  92. Validate Feed
  93. Validate HTML
  94. Validate Accessibility
  95. Validate Links
  96. Validate Structured Data
  97. Edit Tools…
  98. Validate Local CSS
  99. Validate Local HTML
  100. View Source
  101. Display Abbreviations
  102. Display Access Keys
  103. Display Anchors
  104. Display ARIA Roles
  105. Display Div Dimensions
  106. Display Div Order
  107. Display Element Information
  108. Display Id & Class Details
  109. Display Link Details
  110. Display Object Information
  111. Display Stack Levels
  112. Display Tab Index
  113. Display Table Depth
  114. Display Table Information
  115. Display Title Attributes
  116. Display Topographic Information
  117. Find Duplicate Ids
  118. View Anchor Information
  119. View Colour Information
  120. View Document Outline
  121. View JavaScript
  122. View Link Information
  123. View Meta Tag Information
  124. View Response Headers

2. Window Resizer:

Window resizer is the chrome extension for developers. This extension is used in the web development field. It is used to resize your screen or browser. It has many resize ratios like Iphone 5, Iphone 6, Ipad, Laptop, Desktop HD, Desktop Full HD, Desktop 2k, Desktop 4k. 

Resize the program window to imitate different screen goals.

This expansion re-measures the program’s window to imitate different goals. It is especially valuable for website specialists and designers by assisting them with testing their formats on various program goals.

The goals list is totally adjustable (add/erase/re-request).

You can set the window’s width/level, window’s situation, preset symbol (telephone, tablet, PC, work area) and, surprisingly, the choice to apply the new aspects to the whole window or just to the viewport.

The expansion additionally includes adaptable worldwide key alternate routes, a choice to trade your settings and import them on another PC and that’s just the beginning!

If it’s not too much trouble, report all bugs (or ideas) utilising the help interface on the augmentation’s subtleties page.

3. CSS Viewer:

A straightforward CSS property watcher.

CSSViewer is a straightforward CSS properties viewer initially made by Nicolas Huon.

Step by step instructions to utilise :

To empower CSSViewer, basically click the toolbar symbol and afterward float any component on the current page.

Open source inside:

Source code can be found on GitHub at

Security :

To work appropriately, CSSViewer requires the authorization to admittance to your set of experiences and site information. In any case, CSSViewer don’t gather nor will at any point send any of your private information.

Known issues :

– CSSViewer won’t work in any opened tabs prior to introducing it nor in the Google chrome store (This is the way Google rolls 🙂

– The style may break some of the time contingent upon the site you are surfing.

– Patches are gladly received.


This chrome expansion is a straight port of the Firefox CSSViewer add-on with minor improvements. Credits goes to the first designer and givers.

Stylesheet code is complex to understand, but with just one single click, these extensions help you locate the correct syntax, look for text and updates as well. They make it easier for developers by saving them from copying and pasting very long css snippets over and over again.

A css viewer is an extension that allows you to view the source code of a live webpage and it can help writers to make changes. In this regard, the css viewer extension is a helpful tool for editors as it allows them to make changes in their content without touching the original file.

A css viewer extension is software that allows you to preview the css you edit before changing HTML or uploading a new site version.

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4.  Lorem Ipsum Generator:

Gives a rich and fast method for making default text or producing Lorem Ipsum. Streamlined for speedy use, however it can be tweaked.

The Lorem Ipsum Generator rapidly conveys default text to supplement your astounding plan. The default settings are enhanced to be utilised just after establishment, however you can without much of a stretch alter a couple of settings to get the ideal text for your taste. Each sentence is arbitrarily created to mimic a genuine message.


1-5 sections with 1-20 sentences for every passage

Discretionary passage tag encasing or other line breaks

Duplicate to clipboard

Authorizations mentioned:

Capacity for saving inclinations

Lorem ipsum dummy text generator is often used by content writers to fill in the placeholder text in their drafts.

Lorem ipsum is the dummy text most often used by default when one needs some type of placeholder copy, whether this may be for a layout or in text formatting.

-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit

– eget malesuada tellus

– Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor

– Aenean massa

– Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus

Lorem ipsum dummy text generator allows users to generate fake, dummy text. Dummy content creators can be used in software development projects, documentation and digital media texts.

In an increasing number of cases from various industries, we come across digital solutions that generate dummy text for a desired purpose such as software development for digital media texts, content for advertising and promotion of products.

5: What Font:

The simplest method for distinguishing textual styles on pages.

What is the simplest method for figuring out the text styles utilised in a site page? Firebug and Webkit Examiner are sufficiently simple to use for designers. Be that as it may, for other people, this ought not be vital. With this expansion, you could investigate web textual styles simply by drifting on them. It is that straightforward and exquisite.

It additionally recognizes the administrations utilised for serving the web textual styles. Upholds Typekit and Google Text style Programming interface.

What is your font right now?

It’s hard to say. You might know the name of it, or maybe you’ve written it somewhere, but chances are good that you couldn’t find the font if you were given a web url.

Worse yet, some platforms like Chrome offer only a restricted number of fonts. It can be no fun trying to write effectively with only three typefaces to choose from. That’s why many people need a font browser plugin like WhatFont!

Writing test: Roger Smith wrote “thank u for ur guidance” with Comic Sans on his homework assignment because he was too lazy for Times New Roman. He turned in his assignment and earned an F minus grade.

Finding the perfect font can be a quite difficult task for graphic designers. WhatFont does not only help them find out what type of font it is but it also helps to identify if it’s free or not and where to buy it.

Website owners can also use WhatFont to confirm what fonts are propelling on their website, for instance if the website is dependent on Google fonts or commercial ones .

Additionally, WhatFont has a font beta section where it projects what combinations would look like. By inputting one word they will list which fonts nearby seem to fit in with that word and show other ideas according to this theme.

The extension was written by Alessandro Abate (a freelance graphic designer) and Giorgia Alberti with feedback from Alessandro’s previous clients.

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Times have been a-changin’, friends! Change may be good, but some changes are just for fun when you decide to change your fonts. Times have been a-changin’, and people have started having these silly problems with missing fonts displaying in content on their screen. That hack is a hoot!

The “WhatFont” extension by Google offers signature detection by using the vast amount of tools in the Signaturegraph repository to compare scanned pages. You may want to consider this extension if all you want to do is instantly find out what font someone else is using without any effort on their part – especially if they are a big name like New York Times or CNN.

6: JSON Formatter:

Makes JSON simple to peruse. Open source.


   •   JSON and JSONP support

   •   Syntax featuring

   •   Folding trees, with indent guides

   •   Interactive URLs

   •   Switch among crude and parsed JSON

   •   Deals with any substantial JSON page – URL doesn’t make any difference

   •   Deals with neighbourhood documents as well (assuming that you empower this in chrome://expansions)

   •   You can assess the JSON by composing “json” in the control centre

(Note: this expansion could conflict with other JSON highlighters/beautifiers, such as ‘JSONView’, ‘Pretty JSON’ or ‘Sight’ – handicap those prior to attempting this.)

Genius TIP

Hold down control (or cmd on Macintosh) while imploding a tree if you need to fall every one of its kin as well.

The Jason Post Formatting Extension is one of the most popular extensions and was created by the json formatter developer.

jason is a focused text editor and monitoring extension that makes it easier to organise your posts on WordPress. It not only saves time but also removes the need for manual editing which is often time consuming.

Jason created an extension for google docs in 1999. The extension allows you to dress up your words by not just typing them out, but also inserting chapter headings, logos and using Google fonts

Jason is a drag and drop formatting add-on that can be used to make your work more attractive. Jason inserts chapter headings, logos and formats words without taking much of your time.

The json formatter extension helps when there is disagreement among authors of a document and offers alternate options for formatting in Microsoft Word or text editor.

The extension automatically becomes aware of any changes that are made to the file. This can make conflict resolution easier while also adding some formatting tweaks to allow everyone to feel as satisfied with the result as Concourse’s style slugger.

Jason can be found on GitHub, but it’s also downloadable in the form of a standalone plugin and compatible with both OS X and Windows.

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7: ColorZilla:

High level Eyedropper, Variety Picker, Slope Generator and other brilliant treats

ColorZilla, one of the most famous Firefox engineer augmentations with more than 5 million downloads, is at last accessible for Chrome!

With ColorZilla you can get a variety perusing from any point in your program, immediately change this tone and glue it into another program. Also, it can accomplish such a great deal more…

== Highlights ==

✓ Eyedropper – get the shade of any pixel on the page

✓ High level Variety Picker (like Photoshop’s)

✓ Extreme CSS Inclination Generator

✓ Page Variety Analyzer – get a variety range for any site

✓ Range Watcher with 7 pre-introduced ranges

✓ Variety History of as of late picked colours

✓ Shows component data like label name, class, id, size and so on.

✓ Auto duplicate picked varieties to clipboard

✓ Console alternate routes

✓ Get shades of dynamic drift components

✓ Single-tick to begin variety picking (presently just on Windows)

✓ Pick tones from Streak objects

✓ Pick tones at any zoom level

== For what reason does ColorZilla require consent to “access information on all sites”? ==

This consent is required by ColorZilla for its fundamental usefulness of picking tones from sites. ColorZilla **DOES NOT** gather any of your information or your perusing movement on any sites. We are really over the top about security ourselves, and your protection is critical to us. If it’s not too much trouble, visit this page for more information –

8: Wappalyzer – Technology profiler:

Recognize web advancements

Wappalyzer is an innovation profiler that shows you what sites are worked with.

Figure out what CMS a site is utilising, as well as any structure, internet business stage, JavaScript libraries and some more.

Wappalyzer is in excess of a CMS indicator or system locator: it reveals in excess of 1,000 advancements in many classifications like programming dialects, investigation, advertising apparatuses, instalment processors, CRM, CDN and others.

Introduce Wappalyzer for Chrome to figure out the advances utilised on sites you visit.

Wappalyzer allows browser, plugin and OS detection of heterogeneous websites. It uses a combination of CMS detection and JavaScript/browser sniffer to identify the technologies used by a website visitor at a high level.

Nginx is the most popular web server software in use

Wappalyzer is a Windows application that detects the web technology and content management system of a website by passively inspecting the network traffic of the site. The analytics are distributed with Chrome.

online shops, shopping carts and ecommerce platforms (<1%)

ecommerce platform competitors (<1%)

Web app crawling and analysis is an important part of cyber intelligence that has not been forgotten in the modern world.

Wappalyzer is primarily a cyber intelligence web application whose sole purpose is to analyse and identify web traffic patterns. The basic features are a set of patent-pending algorithms working in tandem with built-in libraries identifying hundreds of different website technologies in use. The software can be used by organisations to protect themselves before they get hacked by knowing their adversary’s capabilities and weaknesses, or power users curious about the technology that powers their favourite websites.

This article provides a list of the 8 best Google Chrome extensions for web developers. By using these extensions, web developers can work more efficiently and create better websites. If you are interested in developing Chrome extensions, this article is a great place to start. If you need any help tell us in the comment section. Allah Hafiz

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