5 Scientists who accept Islam after Research.

We often hear from people that science is all they need while religion is a myth and is not backed with any proof today we’re going to talk about five famous scientists who search for the truth and ended up accepting Islam

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1. Professor Jackie Yi Ying:


Professor Jackie Yi Ying born in Taipei capital of Taiwan completed her primary education in Singapore at 15 her family decided to move to New York where She completed a bachelor’s in engineering deciding to pursue her graduate studies. She enrolled in the prestigious Princeton university in new jersey. Graduated with a master’s and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Professor Jackie’s exposure to diverse environments sparked her curiosity in the matters of religion. She wanted to know if there really was a divine purpose in living while her year-long time at the institute. Professor Jackie looked up the religion of Islam. She found the concept simple and while reading the holy Quran she realized most of the scientific methods.

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2. Sir Thomas Bronto:

sir thomas brunton

Sir Thomas Bronto was born in Roxburgh civil parish in southeastern Scotland. The Christian parents had quite their religious upbringing. His interest in theology. But decided to pursue medicine for his formal education at the University of Edinburgh. During sir Braun’s time in Edinburgh, he met a few missionaries and the conversation went so well that he decided to leave Edinburgh and join them in their journeys traveling to Austria Germany, and even the Netherlands. sir Thomas worked as a medic while also preaching to his audience the concept of religion his doubts about the principle of Christianity began.

When he questioned why the almighty would decide to create only sinful creatures when he has the power to do anything strathamus began his search for a religion that speaks well of the god it worships and scouted hundreds of books to understand fate his efforts led him to discover Islam and while situated in a long-lost village called ikra in India. Thomas accepted Islam and changed his name to jalal dean Ironton.

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3. Arthur Ellison:


Arthur Ellison born in Birmingham united kingdom pursued chemical and mechanical engineering at London University. He was appointed as a senior lecturer at queen mary college in London after which he became the head of the department of engineering at city university London. Professor Arthur was also passionate about power psychology and participated in the first international conference on the medical immutability of the Quran held in Cairo and submitted the study on consciousness. During sleep referencing a Quranic verse the findings amazed him and he went on to research more on the holy Quran. Professor Arthur realized his vegetarian lifestyle inhabitation of alcohol and cigarettes were all in line with the Islamic lifestyle. This led to Professor Arthur formally saying his shahada and converting to Islam at the closing session of the conference, to everyone’s surprise, he also introduced himself as professor Abdullah Ellison making his conversion clear

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4. Doctor Atsushi kamal Akuda:

Doctor Atsushi kamal Akuda

Doctor Atsushi kamal Akuda born in japan is a professor of political systems at ko university dr yakuza had always believed there was no god and that everything divine was admitted however in his sixth year of college. Dr. Dakota decided to participate in an Islamic legislation lecture purely to compare it to other religious legislations. This lecture allowed dr Bake an insight into Islam and made him want to know more about his efforts to research. Islam led him to a research paper that referenced an ayah from surah al-hidra translating. Indeed recreated man from sounding clay of Ulta black smooth mud. It humbled dr rakuda and forced him to realize that every man is created equal.

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5. Dr. Marquez Bukai:


Dr. Marquez Bukai born in France was a professional doctor and a gastroenterology specialist. He was born to Christian parents and completed his graduate studies at France University in medicine. Bukai was appointed as the senior surgeon and scientist in charge he questioned how Muslims kept the drowning fowler’s body intact and more so how did the holy book that came down hundreds of years before the pharaoh’s death referenced it so accurately to find answers he attended a medical conference in Saudi Arabia where he related his findings and to surprise one of the conferees read aloud the exact ayah from the holy Quran this amazed dr mahrez and he claimed I have converted to Islam and believe in this Quran SubhanAllah how beautiful is that may Allah accept their blessed efforts and bless him immensely.

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